Kate Vanskike

I’m a writer, nature lover, music fan, tree hugger, Pink Floyd nut, coffee addict, community-minded citizen, trying to get the most outta life.

And I like to share stories. Especially soliloquies on immersive experiences, social justice issues, some throw-backs to the early years of parenting, random revelations, and travel adventures.

A new focus on the coffee part of the “words and coffee” is on great coffee providers in the Inland Northwest, and the power of connection at coffee shops. These are also published in a new column called “For the Love of Coffee” in Spokane Coeur a’Alene Living magazine.

Another new addition, partly required by my M.A. program in Communication and Leadership, is a collection of walking meditations related to the topics of study. That’s why you’ll see lots of musings about local history and my learning about the Native community, among other stuff you might not expect at a blog called WordsnCoffee.

Connect with me:

Twitter: @katevanskike
Instagram: @wordsncoffee
Send me a note:

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