Kate Vanskike sitting by a cairn of rocks on the shores of Lake McDonald
This is me a few years ago on the shores of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, my favorite place on earth.

I’m a writer, nature lover, music fan, tree hugger, Pink Floyd nut, coffee addict, community-minded citizen, trying to get the most outta life.

And I like to share stories. Especially soliloquies on immersion experiences and social justice issues. Wordsncoffee.com is a platform for meaningful discussion about how we can change this crazy world.

I’ll sprinkle in the occasional throw-back to times when people begged me to regale stories of my daughter’s antics, which came to be known as Emisms. We were a single-mom-single-kid household for 12 years, and now our home has a husband/father-figure and three more kids, plus a dog, two bunnies and an assortment of fish. There are bound to be stories emanating from this new lived experience, too.

Connect with me:

Twitter: @katevanskike
Instagram: @wordsncoffee
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